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Sixers vs. Bulls Game Five Injury Update: Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and More

Deng tongue.
Deng tongue.

If there's one thing the NBA Playoffs have been good for, it's injuries. Derrick Rose was the first, followed by Iman Shumpert, then Caron Butler, Joakim Noah, Baron Davis, etc. etc. etc. It's been a painful, face-cringing postseason for ankles, Achilles, and ACLs. So while there were no major injuries in Game Four of the Sixers win over the Bulls (woo!), we'll update you on the lingering ones to tide you over until tomorrow.

The ankle of Joakim Noah

Noah went down in the Game Three Chicago loss when he stepped on Andre Iguodala's foot in transition. Thibs didn't formally announce his absence from Game Four until shootaround, where Noah was in a walking boot. He was still pushing to make it for Game Five, but it looks like that won't happen either.

Despite coach Tom Thibodeau calling Noah day-to-day and saying he is improving, Noah still can't put full weight on the ankle, which remains swollen. [It] will force him out of Tuesday's Game 5 at least.

While Taj Gibson was a force in Sunday's game, Omer Asik and Carlos Boozer were significantly less imposing than Noah underneath. He's the heart and soul of that team, and nobody affects the Sixers offense more than he does. But already without Derrick Rose, it doesn't seem to make sense risking Noah's future as well for what will not result in a championship. I know it's all about "next man up" but from a rational standpoint, this isn't the year the Bulls are going to do it. Sit Noah for the rest of the season, and let him be completely healthy in October. But it's Thibs soooooooooo......

More damaged body parts after the jump.

The wrist of Luol Deng

After falling awkwardly on his wrist, Deng did a bit of pain-writhing. Not fun to see. But since he's been dealing with that wrist all season long, it looks like he'll be okay for next game.

"It's been injured the whole year," Deng said. "I took a tough fall there. I've been falling on it all year. It's been tough. I know I can play with it. So when something like that happens, I just have to get up and keep going."

How does he even shoot if his wrist is mangled? Crazy. I'm just glad that one of the Bulls three best players will be playing. If he went down, it's only a matter of time before we got Brian Scalabrine'd.

The Achilles of Andre Iguodala

Dre, who sunk two huge free throws to the shock of everyone who's watched him at the line this season, is in a significant amount of pain. But that didn't stop him from the three or four transition dunks that displayed his penchant for staying in the air a long time and high threshold for pain.

"The first half, it was really bothering me," Iguodala said. "And I think the adrenaline kind of carried me."

Andre's had a rough series, but he's been absurdly good on defense and finds his teammates in transition better than any forward not named LeBron James in the league. Closing this series out early and giving him a few extra days of rest would help out that Achilles a bit. Seriously though, those free throws.

The back of Louis Williams

I haven't heard anything about the BossBack since he went down hard at the end of Game Three. I'm sure he's nursing it pretty good, but it doesn't seem like he'll miss any time because of it.

The finger of Tanner Steidel

Word has it Tanner jammed his finger while playing beer pong this weekend for Cinco de Mayo. His opponent tried to bounce it in (two cups, but risky) and he knocked it away, but not before jamming his middle finger nice and good. It appears swollen, but he should be available for the Game Five gamethread.

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