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Sixers vs. Bulls Game Three Highlights, Oh That Ending


There's no way we'd let a game like last night's Sixers and Bulls affair to go by without reveling in the Game Three highlights. For the second straight game, the Sixers won on the backs of franchise building blocks Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday. Somehow, Spencer Hawes managed to become a Hall of Famer in the 4th quarter -- his coronation will be held tomorrow and you're all invited.

We can't say it enough. The Sixers have taken a 2-1 series lead over Chicago minus Derrick Rose. There's still a ways to go in the series, but oh man, this is....something.

Peep the highlights:

Favorite parts:

0:18 - Evan blowing by Richard Hamilton for the dunk? The DUNK?! Yeah, that's a top one for everybody.

0:49 - Louis Williams in transition with the floater. You can see his mind working through his options before deciding on the pullup. Really smart, controlled play there.

1:58 - Jrue with the take to the basket, FOLLOWS HIS SHOT, and tips in the layup. That's textbook - you love to see guys following their shot and getting rewarded for it.

2:41 - With the Bulls down five, the game was pretty much over. But the Sixers were not giving up any easy buckets. Evan, Jrue, and Andre all stayed with John Lucas once he got to the three-point line, then Jrue bodies him up on the drive and blocks his shot without touching him! It was maybe my favorite play of the game. Defense, defense, defense. Then Korver misses and holy balls we just won game three.

Also, this:


I wish they'd shown Evan and Jrue and Spencer making those foul shots at the end. Jrue was 3-4, Evan 4-4, and Spencer 2-2 all in the last 3:28. THAT'S HOW YOU END A GAME. Taking the ball to the basket, getting fouled, and hitting foul shots. Welcome to the new world, people.

2-1 Sixers lead. Get at me.

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