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Sixers Complete Comeback, Beat Bulls; Evan Turner Can Get It Immediate Reaction Thread


I have no idea what just happened.

Save the last nine minutes of the fourth quarter, the Sixers played a pretty awful game. Outside of Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday – and neither of them were exactly dominating – nobody else on the Sixers was doing anything offensively. Spencer Hawes was painfully terrible, Lou carried the offense for stretches, but attempted a lot of bad shots, and Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand were absolutely nowhere to be found.

With 9:34 remaining in the fourth, the injured Joakim Noah (video below) hit a jump shot to give the Bulls a 69-56 lead. It was still too early to be "the dagger", but it was definitely something. Noah did his patented "fingergunz" move afterwards and the Bulls had all the momentum.

From that point on, the Sixers out-scored the Bulls 23-5, inexplicably led by an offensive explosion from Spencer Hawes – who finished with a game-high 21 points and 9 rebounds.

Use this as your celebration thread. I'll have a full recap up later.

Jrue and Evan showed up in "the clutch" once again.

2-1 lead!!!!!!!!

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