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Cosmo Names Elton Brand One Of NBA's 'Hottest' Players

Mmm. That sounds good. I'll have that.
Mmm. That sounds good. I'll have that.

Hat tip goes to Spike Eskin, who was the first to jump on Elton Brand's hotness. Rumor has it, Spike spilt half of his apple martini on his lavish bath robe this morning, upon finding out that 'Luggage Model', Spencer Hawes, didn't make Cosmo's prestigious list.

Here's what Cosmo had to say about our Old School Chevy:

"This hot power forward practices Bikram yoga when he isn't dominating on the court."

I wasn't aware that Elton 'dominated' anyone of the court anymore. I also had no idea what 'Bikram Yoga' consisted of, so I Google'd it, and this is the first picture I saw. There are so many jokes to be made here.

Anyway, J.J. Reddick was deemed 'the hottest player', for those interested. It also got me thinking, behind Brand, who are the hottest Sixers of all-time. Here's the top 5 I came up with:

  1. Elton Brand
  2. Tyrone Hill
  3. Calvin Booth
  4. Samuel Dalembert
  5. Keith Van Horn
  6. Head Coach: Eddie Jordan

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