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Iguodala Named 7th Best Dunker in NBA - The Hoop Doctors

He gon' dunk it good.
He gon' dunk it good.

Chicks don't dig the dunk as much as they dig the long ball, but it's probably close. There's a lot to a dunk. Ferocity, inventiveness, level of difficulty, defense, birthday candles on the rim. So all dunk lists are going to be extremely subjective. So it's a good idea, not to stack dunks up against each other, but the dunkers themselves. That's what the Hoop Doctors did in their season-in-review Top 10 NBA Dunkers of 2012.

The Sixers have a Dunkficionado of their own, so I checked out the video to see if Andre Iguodala got snubbed on the list. I'm still nursing my wounds from the Nate Robinson dunk contest win and I'll randomly just start shouting profanities about that horsenuts of a competition. Thankfully, Iguodala wasn't as shafted this time.

So he came in at #7. I don't have too much of an issue with that, although I wish this list came out AFTER the Game Two dunkfest over the Bulls because Andre had a few absolutely filthy ones. I'd probably put him even with Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook, but those guys do a lot more post-dunk screaming so they get the exposure that Andre doesn't. Having Kevin Durant over him is a bit unjust, but he's KD and all, so I can't pitch too much of a fit.

But any list with Paul George ranked is a good list for me. Gerald Green is absolutely breathtaking as well. Watch to get your daily fill of dunking juice.

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