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Sixers Rumors: Elton Brand And Lou Williams Want Long-Term Deals


The off-season is in full effect, and the news and notes just keep on coming. The latest, via Steve Kyler from Hoops World, is that both Louis Williams and Elton Brand are seeking long-term contracts from the Sixers.

Williams has one more year left on his deal worth $5.3 million, which he'll opt-out of in the coming weeks. According to those with knowledge of his thinking, Williams is seeking a new deal similar in size to teammate Thaddeus Young who signed a 5-year, $42 million deal this season.


Sources close to Brand say he would be open to exercising his Early Termination Option on that final year in order to stay in Philadelphia, if a new multi-year deal were offered.

On Lou: the idea of locking up 17 million dollars per, on two one-dimensional bench players is a sure-fire way to ruin your franchise. It's a shame, because I think Lou is worth 7-8 million a year, but you simply can't pay two bench players that amount of money, especially when you're team isn't a championship contender. If they could find a way to trade Thad (won't happen), I'd be more inclined to give Lou a long-term deal.

On Brand: I love the Old School Chevy, but this one's tricky. It's hard to make a judgement on whether signing him to a long-term deal would be a mistake, because the terms are unknown. Either way, it's probably best for the Sixers to A) let him play out the final year of his deal or B) amnesty him if the right free agent opportunity presents itself.

Make the jump for two more minor tidbits, on Andre Iguodala and Jodie Meeks.

From Hoops Rumors:

Andre Iguodala is expected to be available in trade talks this summer, though only if a suitor wants to make a "significant offer."

Jodie Meeks and Lavoy Allen will be free agents, and while Kyler writes that the 76ers can extend both players $1MM qualifying offers to make them restricted FAs, that's not quite accurate. The new CBA means a qualifying offer for Meeks, who met the "starter criteria" over the past couple seasons, would actually be worth about $2.7MM.

Meeks at nearly three million isn't worth it. Lavoy at one million is fair. I wonder if they'll consider signing him to a longer deal.

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