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Ask The Audience: What Moves Should The Sixers Make?

At least two of these players will not return
At least two of these players will not return

Monday, I wrote on the topic of re-building, and how it was not an option under the current regime.

For the record, I still believe in full re-build mode, until you find a legitimate franchise player or two - however long it takes - because that's the model of how to win an NBA championship. But that's not going to happen in Philadelphia - not now. They're going to try and build around Jrue and Turner, using Iguodala as a trade chip. It's not ideal, but that's where we're at.

To get everyone in the spirit of trying to improve the team – rather than "blowing it up" – I present an exercise for the readers. Post in the comments, five (only five) moves you would like to see the Sixers make this off-season. The moves can be trades, amnesties, free agency (internal or external), etc.

I'll save my ammunition, since I'm going to be writing all summer, but this could be a great exercise to help the re-builders cope with the anti-re-building philosophy of the front office. Like I wrote yesterday, there are shrewd, savvy moves to be made under these circumstances, believe it or not.

Suggest away!

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