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Could Andre Iguodala Be Traded To The Lakers?

How good would this guy look in a Sixers uni?
How good would this guy look in a Sixers uni?

Let the off-season officially begin.

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World briefly explored the possibility of the Lakers targeting Iguodala this week.

The general consensus around the league is that they'll try to trade Iguodala this summer. Even with Philadelphia's recent success, league sources insist that Iguodala is a player who could be moved this offseason if the right offer comes along.


Los Angeles will have competition for the small forward. Many teams are expected to express interest if Iguodala becomes available.

Iguodala was rumored to be headed to LA last season, in exchange for Lamar Odom. While I believe that trade had zero chance of happening, I strongly believe Iguodala will be traded this off-season – finally. The question is: for whom?

Two days ago I asked this question on Twitter:

The most common response was: Probably, as long as Bynum signs an extension, qualified with, "I'd rather trade Evan Turner than Jrue Holiday".

I echo both of those sentiments. The only reason I included Jrue is because I think it's much more plausible to see the Lakers accepting a package of Jrue and Iguodala for the Bynum than Turner.

Here's the new trade I'll hypothetically throw out: Andrew Bynum, Metta World Peace and Andrew Goudelock, for Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young. Who says no to this trade?

If I'm running the Sixers, I do this trade in a heartbeat. I love Turner, but we're talking about the possibility of building around a 24-year-old Andrew Bynum – whose arguably the best big in the league, when engaged – and the 21-year-old Jrue Holiday.

You take those two guys – the perfect inside/outside combination – and build around them. Bynum and Holiday would mesh beautifully – on both ends of the floor. Lock them up for about 15 million a piece for the next five or six years, put role players around them, and that's absolutely a team that could develop championship aspirations – the ultimate goal.

Since Bynum seemingly quit on the Lakers multiple times this season, and doesn't appear to fit well with Kobe Bryant or Mike Brown, I believe he could be had for the right price. If you're the Lakers, wouldn't you jump at a package of Iguodala-Turner-Young? Not to mention the chance to get rid of Metta World Peace – contract, elbows and all?

Turner would be a bad fit immediately, but could be the shooting guard-in-waiting for whenever Kobe's extremities disintegrate. Iguodala would instantly become the poor man's Pippen to Kobe's poor man's Jordan. And Thaddeus Young could be a decent fit at power forward – although out of position – next to Pau Gasol. All three would provide the Lakers with the youth and athleticism they desperately need, as well as much-needed depth.

This trade makes too much sense not to happen, right?

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