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Sixers Be Crazy: The Miracle Run That Almost Was


Listen, it was cool. It didn't look pretty and I hardly derived any tangible enjoyment of it while the games were actually on, but the Sixers winning 7 games this postseason over the Bulls and Celtics was a heckuva run that none of us were expecting. So for that, we can be thankful. A little excitement for fans of a team that hadn't felt any since a ping-pong ball rolled our way in the 2010 Lottery.

The Sixers were simply not a very good team. They beat a Chicago team without Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and they fought a banged up Boston Celtics team primarily using their characteristic good defense and Boston's outright not-really-good-ness to steal some games. There were some good things (Jrue Holiday, Lavoy Allen) and some bad (Turner's disappointments, Thad mostly) and a whole lot of strange. This team has a ways to go. And the offseason will bring us a lot of changes to the Sixers that may be good, terrible or both.

Hopefully Spencer Hawes will be gone. Hopefully Louis Williams will be elsewhere. Hopefully the inevitable Andre Iguodala trade will be for a decent package rather than a quick fix. Hopefully Evan Turner will develop a jumper. Hopefully Rod Thorn will be nudged into retirement. As I said, a ways. We'll catch a glimpse at what ownership's plan is with this team, and we won't have to deal with a lockout, which is nice. There's a lot of stuff going down.

But we'll be here for it. And we appreciate your contributions and your enthusiasm, even when we don't have it. I really had a ball during the playoff run, even if now that it's over I have reverted back to wishing they fell short of the playoffs entirely. We can debate the merits of that argument another day. But for now, I hope you had a good time navigating these absurd past few weeks of playoff relevance. The Sixers ended the season in the Final Five, if that's a thing.

Sixers Be Crazy.

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