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Judgment Day

No fancy titles. No pictures. No in-depth analysis. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts.

Just one game between two teams who don't like each other very much. For the Sixers and the Celtics, it's not about what happened during the season or what'll happen against Miami or who stays or goes once the final whistle sounds.

It's one game. 48 minutes of basketball. Absolutely anything can happen. And if you've been watching this series, you know it will.

This isn't about who's the better team. It's about who can be less terrible once this mess gets within five minutes left.

Game 7, for almost every player involved, isn't so much "Win or Go Home" as the cliche goes. There are exactly three players who will play tonight whose 2012-13 job isn't in question. Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Thaddeus Young. Everyone else could make themselves into a hero. A goat. A legend. A guaranteed contract. A European player.

One team moves on to face the Miami Heat. The other spends the rest of the playoffs wizzing in a catheter.

One more win puts them in the Final Four. Oklahoma City. San Antonio. Miami. And Philadelphia? Really? We're just one Sixers Be Crazy win away from that reality.

Put on your Sharone Wright shirsey, adjust the neck on your Shawn Bradley bobblehead, make sure you have your Iverson/Hughes Flight Brothers rally towel -- whatever you have to do to be ready for tonight. Superstitions, insecurities, predictions.... give us all you got because there ain't no rollover on playoff insanity minutes for next season.

Judgment Day.

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