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Liberty Ballers Roll Call: Calling All Lurkers

Show yourselves!
Show yourselves!

n. 1. One who lurks.
2. A small fishing boat.

Our Philadelphia 76ers are one game away from reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, for the first time since 2001. Liberty Ballers is almost four years old, and the community has never been more poppin' (or poopin'). There are over 2,500 registered users and thousands of people visit the site on a daily basis.

Yet, even with the amount of registered users and daily visitors, only a small percentage engage in the shenanigans that go on in the comment section.

I have a challenge for all you lurkers out there – whether you're 'one who lurks', or 'a small fishing boat'. I kindly invite you to introduce yourselves to the wonderful community here at Liberty Ballers. Even if you're shy, and not too into the internet-commenting game, at the very least introduce yourself, to which you will be treated with a warm welcome – much like anyone who stands next to Michael Levin in the shallow end of the pool.

I promise no one bites (we banned all who have). Whether you're the most knowledgeable fan out there, or someone who recently found out that a basketball is round, you will be treated with the utmost respect.

Reading the blog is great, and we thank everyone who does, but building online (and sometimes real life) relationships with the community of Sixers fans we have here is a fun experience. Just think of all the Dong and inside jokes you've been missing out on!

(Also, even if you're a long-time commenter, feel free to re-introduce yourself, to make things less awkward when LeQuan Glover attempts to infiltrate the system under a new alias).

I'll start: My name is Jordan. I'm 23. I just graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor's Degree in business. The Sixers are my favorite basketball team, but many are very displeased to find out I am also a Houston Astros and Dallas Cowboys fan. My response. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and work out way too much. You can find me on Twitter, right here.

Game 7, let's go!

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