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Sixers Vs. Celtics: Countdown To Game Seven

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The Philadelphia 76ers are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Think about how crazy that is for a second, then read on.

They will be playing in their 13th post-season game of the season on Saturday – the most they've played since their Finals run in 2001. Saturday also happens to be the first game seven this team will play in since 2001.

For perspective, the last time the Sixers made it this far in the NBA Playoffs: Jrue Holdiay hadn't even started middle school yet, Evan Turner desperately needed braces, Tony Battie played for the Celtics, and Andre Iguodala made zero percent of his free throws because he had no son to think about yet.

After the blazing 20-9 start, the Sixers reportedly quit on Doug Collins, and played some of the worst basketball in the NBA after the All-Star break. Yet somehow we're here – one win away from playing the suddenly vulnerable Miami Heat or the superstar-less Indiana Pacers, with a shot of making the NBA Finals.

But I'm getting ahead of myself – game seven will be no easy task. The Celtics will be fully rested after three days off, and undoubtedly have both the crowd, and the whistles in their favor – whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

However; don't let the external circumstances interfere with how special this experience will be. Game sevens are awesome – two teams on the brink of elimination, with one experiencing the sheer ecstasy of winning, when it's all said and done.

As the cliche goes, "anything can happen". I can't wait to see what speech Doug Collins gives pre-game, because he's already played his "Sixers Play Together" and "One Time" cards. Whatever he happens to say, you know we'll have you covered here in the coming days – along with a lot of other 'Sixers Be Crazy' shenanigans.

We have three full days to come to a complete crescendo of game-seveness! In the meantime, vote in the poll, share your thoughts – even predictions – with the community, and – I hate to go all Adam Aron on you – but get ready for the biggest Sixers game in over a decade.

Let's do this!

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