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Sixers 82, Celtics 75: We Got a Game 7 Immediate Reaction Thread

Basket taking
Basket taking

It wasn't the prettiest of games but the Sixers were able to get to the basket and defend the Celtics enough to take Game 6 at home.

The Sixers absolutely dominated the Celtics in the paint, lead by everybody's favorite California boy, Jrue Holiday who was making a living in the paint all night long.

Despite the missed free throws, at times extremely stagnant offense, and a few too many careless turnovers, the Sixers remained tenacious enough to not allow the veteran Celtics to clinch the series in Philadelphia.

Game 7 is in Boston on Saturday, the time still to be determined. The biggest game of many of these players' careers awaits. As Wiz Khalifa says, "the bigger the bill, the harder you ball".

Use this as time to celebrate a victory and organize plans to watch Game 7 together in Jordan's basement (just remember to do your homework before you go). Those Sixers Be Crazy. I believe Mike has this trademarked, correct?

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