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Sixers vs. Celtics Game Six Thread: Do or Die, Win or Cry


There has yet to be a game this season that could have theoretically been the Sixers' last. Tonight, we break that trend and bring to you the first true "Win or Go Home" Philadelphia 76er spectacular extravaganza.

Allen Iverson (and Tyronn Lue) will be in the house tonight (well, we think). I'm only assuming Kevin Garnett will get booed like he's crashing a ghost wedding reception. Brandon Bass will most likely be wide open the entire game.

If you've never gotten yourself pumped up for a Sixer game this year, I suggest tonight be your first because it could be your last chance. And who knows, maybe your enthusiasm is just the spark that these guys need. Lock all your windows and doors, get your garbage handy so you can turn it into gold, and have some spare buckets to catch the blood that Mike will more than likely lose. Tonight is Game Six and like Kevin O'Shea said, it's do or die, win or cry.


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