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Somebody Hide All the Basketballs - Allen Iverson Will Be At Game Six

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Getty Images

The inexorable depression that comes with the final years of Allen Iverson's (still going) career haunts me every day. Playing in places like Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Westeros, and Wonderland of late, one of the most unique players of all time shouldn't be the punchline that he has been. But it is what it is. So it's with a dismissive head nod that I bring you news that The Answer (one of the greatest nicknames in the past 20 years - mostly a comment on bad nicknames) will be watching the Sixers take on the Celtics from the stands.

I could do something like what Andrew Sharp did, but he already did it, so I'll just show it to you.

Sixers down 27.

People are beginning to file out of the Wells Fargo Center.

Another season, another Sixers disappointment.

Then, midway through the third, the crowd starts screaming in the far corner of the arena. The PA system starts playing 2Pac's "Ambitionz Az A Ridah," and Allen Iverson emerges from the tunnel. He's wearing Timberlands, jeans, and a silk shirt. A fan throws him a throwback Iverson jersey from the stands. He walks over to Doug Collins and smacks him in the f***ing face, just because. This is AI's team now.

There's tons more and it's worth the read and the laugh.

I'm borderline psychotically interested in seeing Iverson start twitching once the Sixers falter in crunch time. This is still sorta his team. He played with Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams for years, and he came back for the victory lap only a few seasons back. He knows these dudes. Except Spencer Hawes. He has no idea who that dude is.

This just sets up for more potential Sixers Be Crazy-ness tonight. If this is to be our end...

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