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Sixers vs. Celtics Game Six: Backs, Meet Wall


So this could be it. With the Sixers a mere 48 minutes away from elimination, we've come to the Backs Against The Wall metaphor point in your programs. The Celtics have a chance to close out the series in Philadelphia without risking a Game 7. This could be the end. But then again, Sixers Be Crazy.

There's a lot of motivational quotes that spring to mind (King Theoden, mainly), but ultimately what I'm looking forward to is seeing how the guys respond. Doug Collins' Sixers have yet to face an elimination game. Will they come out flat or strong? Will the collapse - when it does inevitably happen - completely derail them or can they hang on? Does Doug turn to his vets during crunch time or will Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner lead the charge?

This is going to be fun. Really fun. Or hideous. Likely some of both. If you're thinking this game doesn't matter anyway because it's hopeless to believe they'll win Game 7 in Boston, stop thinking that. Don't look ahead. If it gets to a Game 7, home or away, it's anybody's game. If it gets to a Game 7, that just means more gravy for all of us who didn't think we'd see any more than 5 playoff games. Tonight's marks number 12. That's cool.

13 would be even cooler. Let's hang on for one more. Oh and also, player intros. My mind is racing to speculate all the possibilities. Alert the caps lock police.

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