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Kevin Garnett Calls Sixers Fans (Sigh) Fair-Weather Fans


I hate writing these things. It's the equivalent of shoving a hot poker up your bum and getting angry when it burns. But I tend to think I have a duty to report any "news" in regards to the Sixers, and this, I suppose, qualifies. So, without further ado, Kevin Garnett:

You got fans and then you got fair-weather fans. Take that how you want.

This answer was in response to the question about the Wells Fargo Center versus the TD Garden. And before I go any further, I'd just like to get this out of the way: RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. There.

Here are the facts. One, he shouldn't have said that. It's a dumb thing to say and it serves no purpose. It's not like him saying that is going to make Spencer Hawes a worse player (not possible!). Who knows - he could find himself on the Sixers someday and then it'll be....awkward? Either way, there's no reason to burn a bridge that wasn't even built in the first place. Secondly, he's right. All fans are, by nature, frontrunners, save for most of you idiots reading this (and this idiot for writing it) and that definitely applies to Sixers fans. Low attendance, low viewership... most Philadelphians just don't care about the Sixers. It's just how it is.

So be pissed at KG if you want to (he's a nerf-herder anyway) but don't act like he's wrong because that's just silly.

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