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Avery Bradley OUT for Game Five (previously doubtful)


This is some news. The best guard defender left in the Playoffs, Avery Bradley, will likely not be playing in Game Five of tonight's Celtics/Sixers pivotal meeting. Bradley's been dealing with some shoulder issues but has still done a phenomenal job on Evan Turner and at times Jrue Holiday this series. The news comes from Boston's play-by-play guy, Sean Grande:

At 5:45, Avery Bradley "doubtful" for Game Five. (Bradley (+35) is the 3rd best +/- player in the series behind only Garnett and L. Allen.)

Doc on Avery Bradley: "He's giving us everything he can give us but I don't know how much more he can go."

Update: He's out.

This'll mean more Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus, who have been mostly blegh this series. Turner should have a much easier time getting to the rim against Allen, and Pietrus isn't nearly the offensive weapon that either of the other two are, though he has been hitting his three's lately. Could this be The Evan Turner game?? Please?

It's a shame because not only is Bradley a key to keeping the Sixers looking like disorganized llamas on offense, he's also one of my favorite players. Watching him evolve into a solid offensive player with how nasty he is on defense has been a real treat. It's a bummer that the Sixers will (once again) benefit from an injury to a key opponent but you can only play the team across from you so no sense wringing our hands about it.

Game Five stars REALLY SOON. I'm pumped.

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