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Sixers vs. Celtics Game Five - Can They Do It?


Nothing has made sense thus far in the playoffs. The Sixers are on another level of anomalies when it comes to the randomness we've seen in these 10 games so far. But as the dust has temporarily settled, the Sixers are tied with the Boston Celtics at 2-2, with just two wins separating them from the Eastern Conference Finals.

So, I ask you, can they do it? Will they be able to win two of the next three games over a more talented Celtics bunch? One of those wins would have to be in Boston, where the Sixers should have already taken two, if not for the Game One hurls. Does this insane group of basketball players that have joined forces to play the ugliest team ball seen this side of Slapshot have two more wins in them?

They'll need some help from somebody. Evan Turner has shot like piss. Jrue Holiday hasn't been much better. Elton Brand might not exist anymore. Is this the game that one of those three step up in the scoring department? Lou had one of his best games as a Sixer in Game Four -- does that happen again? Or will we be back to Boss the Ill-Advised? Can Lavoy Allen keep it up? Honestly there are so many variables at play here that any prediction would just result in outright mockery when the exact opposite ends up being true.

So my prediction is: aliens will take over the world right at tip-off. Both teams will join forces to play the aliens in a basketball game, and Shawn Bradley will be there. I can't intelligently say who will win the game. I figure someone has to. You tell me what you're thinking. Who's going to have THE GAME tonight?

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