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Iguodala Injury: Andre Has Right Achilles Tendonitis, Should Play Game Three

Holy crap.
Holy crap.

The third quarter of Game Two was the best quarter of Sixers basketball in ten years. They outscored the Bulls 36-14 and, unlike previous runs, it was on the backs of our two most important players: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner. Unfortunately, all was not sunshine and lollies. Only a few plays after this Lou Williams alley-oop, Andre Iguodala came down awkwardly on his knee and hobbled back up the court.

After the game, the beats reported that Iguodala has tendonitis in his right Achilles, but should be alright to play on Friday's Game Three in Philadelphia. I don't believe that his Achilles has had the "Chronic" label slapped on it quite yet but it's been popping up every now and then, so it's just something Dre has to deal with. After that play, Doug Collins only let him stay out there for about a minute thirty of the 4th quarter. "I’ll get some treatment over the next couple of days and I’ll be fine," per Dre. Considering the tough lesson Tom Thibodeau learned when Derrick Rose went down needlessly with three minutes left in a blowout, it seems Doug is paying attention. Better safe than Sam Young, in this instance.

Mike Preston tells us that the Sixers are off tomorrow, which'll be their first time home in ages, so everybody's spending their time away, relishing their first road playoff win since beating the Magic on a Thaddeus Young layup in 2009. Dre will take his time to let the swelling go down and hopefully have enough left in the tank to shake off the pain and bully Luol Deng on defense. Dre wasn't without his offensive highlights either.

Rest up, Dre. Collins has whittled himself down to an 8-man rotation - evidenced by Game One starter Jodie Meeks only playing 1:09 in this one. Andre's gonna need his legs. They're important.

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