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Lavoy Allen Punks Celtics, Kevin Garnett Again

Loved this.
Loved this.

Kevin Garnett is not my favorite person. Loved him in Minnesota, then obviously not so much in Boston. He's a hell of a player and future Hall of Famer but his offensive game has gotten extremely obvious these days. Jumper or post-up turnaround. Not much else. Spencer Hawes has had trouble defending either, while Lavoy Allen has done a much better job.

KG took offense to being called "old" earlier in the playoffs and turned around to play great basketball in the face of all the reporters who called him "old", which he is. Okay, Kev. So CelticsBlog thought poking the lion about defensive stopper Lavoy Allen would do the trick.

If there was any chance of him getting comfortable and reverting to his ways of over-deferring to his teammates, I hope this serves as some minor motivation for him to say in his "we against the world" mode. Hats off to Lavoy for playing KG reasonably well. And by hats off, I mean both out of respect and out of mourning, because he's going to get killed tonight

After Game Four's collapse in which Garnett went 3-12 with SEVEN turnovers, the boys in green are changing their tune.

Then Lavoy went out and stopped Kevin Garnett again. Or at least he helped a great deal within the Sixers team defense. This is a rookie we are talking about. A guy drafted 50th overall and not someone I'd heard of prior to game 1 of this series. We're getting to know him now though.

Good for Lavoy. Even if the Sixers lose, I'm thrilled that they're giving the Celtics a ton of trouble. Boston is reallllllllly pissing me off, as it always happens in a playoff series, so any torture our boys can inflict onto these guys (and their reporters and entitled fans) makes me all smilies.

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