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Sixers vs. Celtics Final Score: 92-83, Keep Refreshing Just In Case I'm Lying


This game may or may not have happened. By that logic, I'm going to have to rewatch it again before I can come up with any sort of cogent reaction to what actually transpired at the Wells Fargo Center this night. What I do know (I think), is that the Sixers beat the Celtics by a final score of 92 to 83 in Game Four of the Second Round of the NBA Playoffs. I've just punched myself in the nose, refocused, and the score is the same.

Here's a few quick reactions just from the first watch of what turned out to be an unbelievable (literally) basketball game.

  • First off, Sixers Be Crazy. Let's just get that out of the way.
  • Andre Iguodala hit a couple HUGE shots tonight. Not quite the level of The Foul Shots shots, but pretty big. His legacy in this city is getting a bit better looking. This picture pretty much explains all of our thoughts.
  • The first half. Oh my god. I'll be scarred for life for watching that beast.
  • Spencer Hawes played 15 minutes. That's important.
  • The interior passing of Thaddeus Young to Lavoy Allen was gigantic in the 4th quarter. So impressed by Thad right now. Lavoy just had another Playoffs Lavoy game. Night Shift rides on.
  • Beautiful quote from Collins re: Lavoy - "My goal in life is to have a Lavoy Allen day. One day…just one where I don’t give a shit about anything." That's what Doug actually said.
  • Louis Williams. Man. Boss. He took over. Not in a Boss way either. In a "control the game" kind of way. Sure there were the long two's. But he found his teammates, took his time, and played a great game. The +28 in the box score is absolutely deserved. Hats off to the Boss for this one. Hope he gets laid tonight.
  • So Evan Turner missed a lottttttttttttt of shots. A lot of them. 5-22 from the field is not good in any sense. But he got 9 shots at the rim and a ton of foul calls (among countless uncalled fouls). He kept attacking and kept the aggressiveness up and even though he missed SO MANY SHOTS, I can't help but tip my cap to Evan and Doug Collins for letting that happen. So can we please put an embargo on the "Collins hates Turner" talk? Please? 36 minutes tonight. Come on.
  • Well, Elton Brand has officially become a nonentity. Doug said he'll start him regardless, but he no longer matters to this series. Or to this team, at least in the short term. Wondering what that means for this offseason.
  • Repeated from Twitter: "Here's the thing. The Sixers are a bad team. Philadelphia knows that. The Celtics are also a bad team. Boston does not. Entitled so hard." - that's what makes this win SO SWEET. The stench of Boston's (and their reporters') cockiness and snootiness was making my clothes reek and I love how the Sixers just shut them up. We know our Sixers are bad. That's what makes them so dangerous. And damn it all, super fun to watch. Sometimes.
The Sixers toed the gravel off the cliff edge and said "NAY". I don't know how they did it. I don't know that it's real (keep refreshing - might not be). But currently, the series is tied 2-2. And they are two wins away from the Eastern Conference Finals against either a beatable (but still better) Pacers team, or the Chris Bosh-less Miami Heat.


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