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Celtics vs. Sixers Game Four Thread, Topography

I just really love this picture.
I just really love this picture.

Sixers. Celtics. Nausea. Storylines. Heartbreak. Inquisitiveness. Cheetos. Laminated papers. Felt tip pens. All-beef calzones. Sponges. Chamomile. Malaysia. Bad breath. Rondo. Coppertone. Pronouncing "underwear" as "drawers". Cottage. Cheese.

Some reading and listening material for your ears and eyes prior to Game Four, sirs and ma'am.

I had a discussion with myself about fouls and why "It is how it is" just doesn't seem to make sense all the time.

Among other things, I spoke about that article on Angelo Cataldi's morning show today.

Derek did some research on who has actually been covering Kevin Garnett. I was under the impression it was "no one".

I wrote some nonsense.

The Sixers are, apparently, the worst.

And in much more important news, Jordan wrote some words on his battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. With the exception of the Jersey Shore bits, gotta give some respect to our boy.


And that's all! The game starts soon. I'll be attending a Goodbye Pizza Party for this person at work that nobody likes mid-game so I might be absent for a few minutes, but I'll bring you back some pizza and beer. Make sure KG doesn't catch on fire when I'm gone. Or actually, don't.

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