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How the Sixers Shut Down the Celtics in Game Two

This is just one possession, but it's such a good one that I feel like it should be capitalized. Henceforth, this possession will now be known as The Possession, and everyone involved in the play shall be knighted in front of the queen. That's Sir Lavoy Allen to you, peasant. Matt Moore has the breakdown of the Sixers blowing up the Celtics offense with less than a minute to play. Great read. Now watch!

That's pretty amazing defense. In particular, Andre Iguodala takes one of the league's best at creating space in Paul Pierce and locks him up like a straight jacket. But the Sixers also didn't get beat by Ray Allen, and didn't allow Kevin Garnett's mid-range jumper, which has left the league in ruins throughout this season, to burn them. It may honestly have been one of the best defensive possessions this season. They forced the Boston Celtics, with all that ability, into a contested-mid-range-jumper from an older shooter with an ankle problem.

Watching this, I absolutely LOVED Lavoy getting up in KG's face and forcing a pass. He wasn't playing Spencer Hawes Wait In the Lane defense -- he was making him making a move. Forcing a pass to Rondo on the perimeter, which is decidedly not dangerous. Hawes probably looked really cute on the bench, but let's stick to Voy Boy for most of the game, okay? Beautiful defense - bravo's (not to be confused with Braavos, right Syrio?) go to Collins and Michael Curry.

Thank God Avery Bradley just stayed in the corner so Lou didn't have to actually do anything.

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