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Sixers Lose Game One To Celtics Immediate Reaction Thread

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The Sixers controlled the game for much of the first half, withstood a few Celtics blows in the second, but ultimately dropped the first game of the series in Boston. Tonight's loss is a huge blow to the Sixers upset aspirations. Game one is always the easiest to steal and the Sixers had a golden opportunity. They couldn't make enough plays down the stretch, and predictably, the Celtics did.

Evan Turner had a pretty good game, which is fun. Lavoy Allen was a baller in the second half. And Lou Williams made some really terrible plays down the stretch. I'm still confident that the Sixers will play the Celtics tough from minute one to minute 48 for the rest of the series, but wouldn't be totally surprised if this was a short series, with most games following tonight's script. These Celtics know how to win in the final minutes; the Sixers aren't there yet.

Game two on Monday. Full recap up later.