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CONTEST: Your Sixers vs. Celtics Second Round Predictions

Dre putting a hex on the ball.
Dre putting a hex on the ball.

Much like we did at the beginning of the season, Liberty Ballers has made the executive decision to allow you guys to participate in some friendly competition predicting the outcomes of the second round match-up between your Philadelphia 76ers and her Boston Celtics (her?). Here's your chance to be just the like the rest of the experts, all predicting a Celtics win, or go against the grain and succumb to whatever took over Mike's brain, calling a Sixers victory.

This is all for an opportunity for you guys to have an outlet to call your shot so at the end of the series you can make everybody who didn't believe you eat some crow (they don't have that at the Greek Food Festival). 8 predictions stand between you and immortality, so let's hear 'em.

Questions after the jump.

Make your predictions for the second-round Sixers/Celtics series or recite your favorite Shakespeare sonnet. I don't really care which one you do.

1. Which Sixer will lead the team in scoring for the entire series?

2. In how many games will Nikola Vucevic receive playing time?

3. How many Sixers will average double-figure scoring throughout the series?

4. Will the Sixers receive any technical fouls (not counting double-techs because they suck)?

5. Both teams struggle to grab offensive rebounds. Which team will come away with the most?

6. Which Sixers will average the most assists?

7. How many quarters will end in BOSS iso?

8. Most importantly, who wins the series (and in how many games just for fun)?

Make your predictions quickly, for the second round is a mere five hours away from tip-off! I'm so excited, yet scared!

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