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Experts Have Sixers Over Celtics, Wait Just Kidding


Did you really think the Sixers would be favored? Ever? Nah. The Sixers are getting unanimously hammered by the pundits at ESPN and that's not remotely surprising. If the Sixers play like the first half of the season in which they beat the Celtics soundly twice, we're talking about a series If they're the E.D. Hawes Sixers, then I'm just gonna keep voting for Chooch in the All-Star Game and listen to Wilco until bedtime.


At least the experts that I find a bit more reliable (Hollinger, Abbott, Arnovitz especially) have it going to a 7th game. That'd be fun. And nobody has them getting swept! Also fun. The good humans at Celtics Blog are more concerned.

Uh oh. Nothing says "danger Will Robinson" to me like being the favorites. Personally I think they will win, but I don't like the way we always seem to play down to the competition and take teams for granted.

YES. We have them exactly where we want them. Mess with us Boston, we're just little girl scouts happy to get past the Bulls in the first round. Please don't play too hard on us-- BAM. Iguodala slam. Boss fadeaway long two. Tony Battie finger roll. STEP TO US AND YOU GON' GET STEPPED TO, CELTICS.

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