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2012 NBA Playoffs: Sixers vs Celtics Game One Links


Well guys, we're only twelve hours away from the Sixers starting their first Eastern Conference Semifinal game since Sean Paul's "Get Busy" dominated the airwaves (hot girl check-in!). The Sixers are in Boston ready to take on the hobbled, older, and better Celtics. Two of those things are a good thing for the Sixers.

In order to get yourself greased up for Game 1 (Tonight, 8:00 PM on TNT), we've compiled some links so you go forth and frolic to the ends of the internet learning everything you could ever want to know about this series.

‘Deep Thoughts’ and Cheap Thoughts: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers - Ball Don't Lie

Dan Devine plays God and demands that it rain on Sixer fans' collective parade. I especially like the paragraph on the difference of match-ups between the Bulls and Celtics. Oh reality, it's you? Have a seat, makes yourself at home. I haven't seen you in two days.

Analyzing How the Sixers Can Beat the Celtics - CSN Philly

I'm disappointed that "poison Rajon Rondo's pre-game chamomile tea" is nowhere to be found in this article. Or is it?

PREVIEW: No. 4 Celtics vs. No. 8 Sixers - Sports Illustrated

Says Evan Turner is the x-factor because of size on Avery Bradley and age compared to Ray Allen. I'd have said it's because of the rumor that he'll do the DX "Suck-It" if he ever hits a postseason three-pointer.

Iguodala Lacking Love Due To Lacking Jumper (Sound Familiar?) - CelticsBlog

Jeff at Celtics Blog comes to the defense of Andre Iguodala in regards to fan appreciation. You've heard it from us a million times, but it's nice to read it from an outside party. Not only that, but he quotes an article from LB. We're all one big, happy (hungry) family.

Garnett Finds His Motivation as Celts Prep for Sixers - Boston Herald

Based on what got him going in the Hawks series, I'm going to suggest Adam Aron should lay low on the Twitterings for a while. KG is a scary man, and you don't want to give him any more motivation than he has. I'm still confused if anything's possible or not, though.

More links after the jump.

Sixers-Celtics Prediction: McCaffery Says 76ers in 6 - Delco Times

I put this article in here because there is an opportunity for a chuckle when the name Spencer Hawes gets brought up. Let's see if you know what I mean...

Turnovers Aren't As Bad As We Think, They're Worse - Pounding The Rock

SB Nation's Spurs blog makes a case as to why individual turnovers aren't as telling as you might think but rather total team turnovers (TTT as we in the biz call it - we don't) are what really count.

The Reebok Question Is Back —

Allen Iverson's first signature shoe from his rookie season is coming back in two weeks. Buy a bunch and give them all to me. So. Excited.

NBA News: LeBron James Wins 3rd NBA MVP - Associated Press

The best, hands down. MVP by far and it's not even close if you ask me. Congrats Bron (as if you couldn't tell by now, I'm a LeBron supporter)!

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