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What Did the Sixers Do After They Beat The Bulls? Strip Club.

Spencer knows EXACTLY where they're going.
Spencer knows EXACTLY where they're going.

Winning in the playoffs isn't easy. It takes that special mix of persistence, luck, and testicular fortitude (ahem) to push them over the edge. And with a Sixers and Bulls series that took almost two full weeks, there was a lot of steam to blow off after Andre Iguodala hit those free throws (and the C.J. Watson prayer just barely missed, but we won't talk about that). How would they ever recover?


A crew of Sixers, including Andre Iguodala, Spencer Hawes and Lou Williams celebrated their playoff series defeat of the Bulls Friday night at Delilah's (100 Spring Garden) partying in a VIP area of the gentlemen's club.

OK. Take a second to recover from this smilefest and let's address a few points.

  • IMMA BOSS. Just had to get that out of the way.
  • I wonder where Elton Brand and Tony Battie were?
  • Do you think Collins texted them while they were at the club? Did they respond? WAS HE EVEN INVITED?!
  • Evan Turner: Bust. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
  • Hawes is probably the Sixers equivalent of Barney Stinson.
  • Who would be the cutest Sixer to get a lap dance? Jodie Meeks, I think. I don't think he'd stop smiling.
  • "I made my first million fo' I ever got laid."
  • I bet Andre wasn't thinking of his son during this part of the evening.

The weird thing is we don't find out all the Sixers that were there. Was Evan? Jrue? Sam Young? I feel like Sam Young would get a little too handsy. I know Thad wasn't there - he's too much of a family man. Nikola Vucevic? Craig Brackins? I just wanna know, man.

Hopefully they were *relatively* tame over there. I don't want to read a story saying there's a dead stripper and Meeks just got married to one. Not before the Celtics series. After, maybe. But not before.

Show ya luv, indeed.

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