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Andre Iguodala Free Throw Aftermath Photos

Getty Images

This is my favorite photo from the celebration. I've saved multiple pictures from last night's game on my desktop – memories that will last a lifetime. I still know where I was when the Astros won their very first Playoff series. This is what sports, and being a fan, is all about.

Make the jump for a few more photos I enjoyed from last night. Feel free, actually I demand, that each and every one of you make one of these your new desktop background for, at least, the remainder of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.




Unbelievable, guys. I love the love Andre received from both the fanbase and his teammates during that moment. For all the unfair criticism he's received over the years, and will probably continue to receive long after he's rocked Sixers threads for the last time, he totally deserved to bask in every second of this unbelievable moment.

Good for you, Andre.

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