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76ers vs Bulls Game Six Thread, Baklava

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This might be the last Sixer home game of the season. This might be the last game of the Sixers/Bulls first round series. This might also be none of those two things. Either way, the Bulls are in Philadelphia for Game Six of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. With a 3-2 series lead and the home court, the Sixers will look to put away the first overall seed in the Eastern Conference (okay, tainted).

Thaddeus Young conquerer Taj Gibson is a go while Joakim Noah remains a game-time decision because of his ankle. We may be seeing more Jodie Meeks than we have the past couple games. Take your pick with who comes away with victory.

The winner of tonight's game gets complimentary baklava from the Greek Food Festival in Bethlehem, PA. If either team scores above 95 points, the world will implode.

Like Mike said last game: Blog a Bull. Allison Brie. Kumquats.

Time to show it.