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Sixers or Bulls in Game Six - Take Your Pick

Interior defense! Look!
Interior defense! Look!

There's been no uglier series in the NBA Playoffs than this one. The Pacers and Magic was ugly. So is Celtics/Hawks. But seriously, the Bulls are without their two best players and the Sixers still can't do anything. It's 3-2, but with a few calls and a few bounces, the Bulls could have easily won this series 4-1. They didn't, so we press on.

Game Six is tonight and we'll be bringing you plenty of pre-game coverage leading up to the game at 7:00 Eastern. Joakim Noah is "hoping" he can play Game Six, and knowing both Noah and Thibodeau's personal feelings for injuries and carefulness, I'd guess he plays. Whether he'll affect the game as much is another thing. Omer Asik has been terrific on defense, evidenced by the Sixers missing 120% of their shots at the rim the past two games. If Noah does play, it may even be to the Sixers' benefit.

We could tell you about Game 7 possible start times but who cares at this point? This is for all the marbles. If the Sixers don't win tonight, they will lose the deciding game in Chicago and be the absolute laughing stock of the league. No PR man in the world could spin that tale into a positive one. This would be the Sixersest series meltdown of all time. So tonight's the time to strike. At home. With a one-game lead. They have no other choice. Do or die.

So who wins? As for me, I'm just hoping it's a more watchable game. My eyes can't seem to stop bleeding.

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