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2012 NBA Power Rankings: Sixers Continue To Drop


This past week for the Sixers saw them drop games to the Heat, Raptors, Magic, and Celtics. Those who keep holding out hope that they'll end the season on top of the Atlantic Division are seeing their dream fade away after each game.

During that span we've had reports that players are tuning out Doug Collins and that the coach feels his players are far more sensitive than players of old (when I was your age, wienerschnitzels only cost a nickel I tell ya). There are only 10 games left on the schedule, 8 of which are on the road. Most of these should be winnable but with the way this team has been playing, who knows how many wins they'll end up with. Currently the 8th seed in the East, the Sixers are in danger of dropping out of the playoffs completely with the surge of the Milwaukee Bucks. The metaphorical wheels appear to be as loose as possible, and the power rankings reflect this.

Check out some rankings after the jump.

Tom Ziller, - 19th (9th in East)

Bold position: If the Sixers don't fare well against this week's killer slate (the Nets twice, the Raptors) they will not make the playoffs.

John Schumann, - 20th (9th in East)

We knew the Sixers' early-season success was aided by a weak schedule and roster continuity. But the way they've collapsed in the last few weeks is simply stunning. This team has the fifth-best point differential in the league and is now in danger of going from feel-good story to Lottery squad in two months time.

Chris Sheridan, Sheridan Hoops - 19th (9th in East)

Doug Collins threatened changes to the starting lineup after loss Saturday night, so Evan Turner better show something in Boston today or he's going to spend the rest of the season watching Jodie Meeks jack up 3s. Nine of last 11 are on the road. Have three left against JuggerNets in private Billy King-Rod Thorn steel cage death matches.

John Hollinger, ESPN - 7th (5th in East)

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