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Sixers Vs. Celtics: Take the Last Train to Suckville


76ers vs Celtics coverage


Location: Wells Fargo Center
Time: April 8th, 2012, 6:00 PM Eastern
Channel: CSN, NBA League Pass
Probable starters:
Rajon Rondo PG Who
Avery Bradley
SG Gives
Paul Pierce SF A
Kevin Garnett PF Crap
Brandon Bass C Seriously
Advanced Stats: (league rankings)
98.6 (25) Off N/A Sucks
95.8 (2) Def 94.9 (2)
49.3% (11) eFG% 48.1% (17)
45.1% (1)
deFG% 45.2% (2)
14.8% (25) TOR 10.7% (1)
20.1% (30) ORR 24.2 (26)
71.9 (24) DRB 75.1 (2)
26.1% (19)
FTR N/A Sucks Worse

Mortal Enemies: CelticsBlog

- If the Sixers lose to the Celtics, Philly teams would fall to 0-5 on the weekend. Expect mass hysteria if that happens.

- Both teams are undoubtedly tired from yesterday, so don't be surprised if we see some Sam Young, Nikola Vucevic and maybe Lavoy Allen. Also, it could be a blowout so maybe some more garbage time.

- I love watching Avery Bradley play basketball.

- With a loss, the starting lineup figures to get some sort of makeover. Whether that means blush or Jodie Meeks for Evan Turner, who the poop knows.

- You already know the standings.

- I'm going to have a bottle of wine next to me during this game. Let's get Sunday drunk.

- Game of Thrones Episode 2 tonight though, for real.

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