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Sixers Playoffs: Yay or Nay


We may as well do this. After my earlier post on the state of the Sixers turned into a "should we make the playoffs" debate, a poll seemed in order. The Sixers, post-apocalyptic Raptors loss, are just 4 games over .500, the fewest above the median they've been since January 9th. Only three games separate them from the 9th place Milwaukee Bucks, who have won 4 of their last 5 games behind everybody's favorite duo of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis.

There is a legitimate chance that the Sixers do not qualify for the postseason. While they own the tiebreaker with the Celtics, they do not against the Knicks and they're tied on the season series with Milwaukee with one more game to play. If the Sixers can inch forward into the 6-seed, they have a good chance of beating anybody that falls into the 3rd spot. Between Orlando, Indiana, Atlanta, and Boston, the Sixers could feasibly beat any of them. They don't have a chance against the Heat or Bulls, but they could at least steal a game or two against Chicago. Taking one from the Heat would be a miracle.

So do we even want them to make the playoffs? Certain destruction is assured, but with such a chance to win a first round series (their first in almost a decade), are we ready to throw that away just to see the front office smell the roses and hopefully make the changes we want? The Sixers won't be tanking so this exercise is just for us to gather data about what the non-commenting lurkers here want for the final 12 games.

A playoff spot likely means Doug Collins stays and at least one of Louis Williams/Spencer Hawes is here next season. Losing for the lottery means intense franchise embarrassment, a slim chance at a higher pick and an almost certainly a revamped Sixers team next season. Where do you stand?

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