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Andre Iguodala Eye Injury (Lack of) Update

Andre with both eyes in tact.
Andre with both eyes in tact.


The Sixers kept pace with the Heat last night despite Andre Iguodala leaving in the third quarter after Mario Chalmers nearly took out his eye. No, it wasn't quite as bad as Allan Ray getting his eye poked out (STILL HURTS TO WATCH OH GOD) but it was quite a solid raking and sidelined Andre for the rest of the game. Which is a shame because only a few minutes earlier, he did this.

They have the Raptors at home tonight, so I'd expect Andre to take it easy with what was being called an eye contusion and sit tonight in a (hopefully) winnable game. He wore an eye patch for the rest of the game and was reportedly insistent on having his sideline Gatorade spiked with rum. Welcome to the Caribbean, indeed. There's also an Iguodala story in Sports Illustrated today - we'll get to that later.

In his stead, Evan Turner sort of took over for the Sixers, but was inexplicably pulled by Doug Collins from time to time. Evan did play 39 minutes so it's not like his ass was sore from the benchriding, so maybe it was more of a case of Doug wanting to make sure he's at least semi-rested for tonight's game against Toronto. Here's what Collins said about ET from CSN Philly:

“Evan did a good job. We are trying to develop somebody who can get us a bucket and Evan showed some signs of that tonight of being able to do that, which was encouraging. He has played well against Miami. He competes, he plays well and it’s tough to match up against LeBron, but I like the way Evan has played.
Seems a little strained because, well, yeah he did a great job of getting to the basket in the game. LeBron James is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, so it's not like he had an easy road either. 26 points on 19 shots is damn good. Hurts my brain a bit when he sounds less than thrilled with Turner when Louis Williams demonstrated his typically terrible shot selection on his way to a 6-17 shooting night.

Anyway, Dre's hurt and once we get word about the severity of his contused eye, we'll let you know. Rest well, sweet prince.

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