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Will Doug Collins Be The Sixers Coach Next Season?

"here goes the nobody again."
"here goes the nobody again."

The Sixers new owner, Josh Harris, says he expects Doug Collins to return next season, according to John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"He knows that he has my total support," Harris continued, "So I'm hopeful - there is no reason that I know of why Doug won't be returning next year - that would be a real surprise to me. And that would be a disappointment to me because I really want Doug back."

While this could be dismissed as owner-speak – what else is he supposed to say, on the eve of his team's playoff appearance – Harris's response prompts the questions: should Collins be back next year? And what will it mean if he returns?

To answer to first question – no. I think Doug's an interesting coach to cover, a good leader and an overall good dude, but I despised the way he's handled the team this season. Player development has been sacrificed in favor yet another mediocre record. His constant changing of the starting lineup came off as desperate. As an Xs and Os coach, he was awful, evidenced by the Sixers putrid record in close games – all he did was hand the ball to Lou Williams and tell everyone to watch on crucial possessions. And his day-to-day intensity – which was received well during year one – began to wear on the young players, to the point where they visibly quit on Collins halfway through the season.

If Harris is true to his word, and Collins does indeed return for his third season, here's what you can expect:

  1. Another record around .500
  2. Andre Iguodala to remain with the team.
  3. Elton Brand to remain with the team.
  4. Re-building pushed back yet another year.
Basically, if Collins returns, 2013 will be the same as 2012, which was the same as 2011, which was the same as every year during the past decade.

Where things get tricky is, a second consecutive Playoff appearance, along with an improvement in winning percentage, does not warrant a firing on paper. And I highly doubt Harris and company have the guts to let Collins go, given his reputation around the league and in Philadelphia.

But it's what needs to be done. A third season of Doug Collins would be much like the first two, and interest in the Sixers would continue to dwindle – as hard as that is to believe. Mike pointed out on Twitter, the Sixers are making their second consecutive Playoff appearance, and fourth in five years, yet interest has never been lower. A complete house-cleaning is 100 percent necessary.

Dead horse: Beaten

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