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Apparently an Iguodala for Webster Swap with T-Wolves Almost Happened

Yeah, this guy. The one that doesn't know what to do with the ball in his hands.
Yeah, this guy. The one that doesn't know what to do with the ball in his hands.

One of the most fun things to find out about is the trades that could have been. And since Andre Iguodala has been on the market for the past 374 years, there's a lot of coulda-woulda-shoulda talk with him. The latest one is regarding the Minnesota Timberwolves and GM David Kahn, who almost had Iguodala last season.

Comment From Matt
What are your thoughts on the Wolves trading for [Andre Iguodala]. Makes a ton I know, but can play the SG and SF spots and his defense is top notch.

Jerry Zgoda:
Somebody told me they could have had Iggy for Martell [Webster] basically on draft day last year but refused to accept Iggy's $45M left on his contract. Don't sure I completely believe that, but I know Kahn once believed he's way overpaid. That might change now that there's only 2 years left. He certainly fits some of their needs.

So there are a bunch of ways to take this. One, we've been saying that Minny and Utah were the most likely fits for Andre for years and this could show that they were, at one point, interested. Two, IS THIS ALL WE CAN GET FOR THE BEST PERIMETER DEFENDER IN THE GAME?!

I mean seriously, there are hundreds of players more overpaid than Iguodala. In fact, he's not overpaid at all. He's paid fine and now that the masses are content with their (meaningless) NBA All-Star Game selection, generally recognized as a great player, even if people still think he's "overpaid". The fact that he shot 39.4% from beyond this year should not be ignored as much as it has been.

Going into an offseason where the front office is likely to move Iguodala, this might temper our expectations of what should come in return for him. Martell Webster is horrendous. That's not all they could have gotten because the contracts didn't match but if that was basically the centerpiece, then I have less faith in NBA GMs in personnel decisions than I ever have before. Here's hoping an ASG selection changed popular opinion enough this offseason.

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