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Sixers Vs. Bulls: Evan Turner or Jodie Meeks for Game Two?

I remember this finger roll. It did not go in.
I remember this finger roll. It did not go in.

Doug Collins, to my knowledge, loves three things: Tony Battie, late night texting, and juggling his starting lineup. If the Game One loss over the Bulls gave us anything worthwhile, it was a very good game out of Evan Turner. The efficient, controlled 29 minutes from the Villain far outstripped anything Jodie Meeks did in 10 minutes of gameplay, though 7 of those minutes were in the first quarter before Doug took anybody off the bench. So will Evan start over Jodes in Game Two?

Collins has already said that he's not going to announce it ahead of time, so they don't have time to prepare, but we can speculate all the live long day so here we are. With Derrick Rose sidelined, Jrue Holiday is going to be able to stray off his man a bit more, since it looks like C.J. Watson will be getting the start at the point and while he's actually a better outside shooter, he's not nearly as dangerous as Rose on the dribble drive. If Meeks starts, there's a chance that Collins would move Jrue over to cover Richard Hamilton, who killed Jodie in the first game of the series, while Meeks would slide over to cover Watson. If Turner starts, he could stay on Rip, while taking advantage of his light defense on the other end.

The flip side of this is that the Sixers only made one three-pointer in all of Game One, and it happened to be on their first bucket of the game. Jodie playing 10 ineffective minutes hurt them because when he's on, he's a weapon. Shooters are plenty valuable, as we saw from Kyle Korver, who seemingly hit everything on his way to 11 points Saturday. But Turner's the better all-around player with a great deal of confidence in his midrange shot coming off the most postseason minutes of his career.

So who should get the start tomorrow?

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