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Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes Went to WWE RAW

Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images
Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images
Getty Images

This is really important, you guys. Not only does it prove once and for all that Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes are the best Sixers teammates since Allen Iverson and Larry Hughes of erstwhile Flight Brothers days since gone by, it means....well I don't know what else it means. But it's awesome.

I'm going to WWE tonight with and yes we are purchasing championship belts

First of all, nicely done to go to the post-Wrestlemania Raw. Smart. these are experienced wrasslin' fans. They also saw the debut of some historically intriguing wrestlers. The Rock, who had been back for awhile if you've been living under a, um, rock; Brock Lesnar, former Minnesota Viking; and Albert (as Lord TensaI), formerly the Ass of T&A. Good memories. Also: this factually correct statement from the Face of Luggage.

But this isn't about Raw or The Rock or even Trish Stratus, who I miss every day. This is Evan and Spencer's time. Which means it's our time to come up with potential Tag Team names. This was inevitable.

  • The Villains
  • Hawesome Time! (exclamation point included)
  • The Mystery Problems
  • Doughy Boys
  • SHET (Spencer Hawes Evan Turner)
  • The Liberty Ballers (sup)
  • Tango and Cash
  • The Nation of Procreation
  • Whistlin' Dixie
  • The Big Elbowski's (finishing move: Flying Elbows)
  • Prometheus and Bob
  • Light Ebony and Ivory
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentices (Paul Bearer is the Sorcerer)
  • Edge and Christian
  • Kermit and a Llama
  • Harlem Heat

Which one's your favorite? Any better suggestions? I'm just thrilled to be discussing it, really.

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