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Derrick Rose Injury: Torn ACL, Out For Season

This blows.
This blows.

This sucks. The Sixers will likely lose anyway and the best player in the series will no longer be playing. It's been officially confirmed by everyone that Derrick Rose has torn his ACL and will miss the rest of the series, rest of the playoffs, and it would seem, some of next season as well. That's awful.

Unless you've already blocked out the entire game, you'll remember that Rose went down at the end of the (meaningless) fourth quarter trying to make a jump pass. He planted and something popped, The ball went sailing lamely to Carlos Boozer as Spencer Hawes watched Rose hit the ground in pain in front of him. I'll just blame Spencer for it. What a jerk.

What this means for the rest of the series is that we'll be seeing a lot more of John Lucas III. He's a high usage replacement for D-Rose, but performed admirably in his 26 game absence during the regular season. The Bulls are still ostensibly the better team because of how strong they are in the front court and Luol Deng being better than everyone (mostly just me) gives him credit for.

But this isn't an open and shut series anymore. The Sixers can't feel bad about stealing a few wins, because all they can do is play the team they're playing. It doesn't matter if they all suddenly lose all of their appendages and Brian Scalabrine is forced to play all five positions. You gotta play. If the Sixers do win, this is the most Sixers way to do it.

Fast recovery wishes to Rose because the dude's suffered enough this season and now has to deal with a miserable rehab. Everybody lost today. Except maybe Miami.

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