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Sixers Vs. Bulls: Derrick Rose Knee Injury in Garbage Time


The Sixers were already down 20 but Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau had Derrick Rose in the game. We'll find out why later, but maybe it was because he was only one rebound and one assist away from a triple double? Either way, Rose went down awkwardly after planting on a jumpstop in front of Spencer Hawes. His knee crumbled below him and it looked really bad.

Here's the GIF from SBN:


Did not look good.

Cheryl Miller is reporting that Rose is on his way to a Chicago hospital to get an MRI done. He's already had a toe, back, foot, and ankle injuries over the course of the season. If I had to guess, I'd assume he's done for the series, maybe the playoffs. Hopefully it's not that bad. The fact is, there's no reason he should have been in the game at that point.

But the Bulls have done their time playing without their MVP this season. They went 18-8 in the 26 games without Rose this season behind a lot of usage from John Lucas III. But there's no denying that the Bulls minus Rose would make it much easier on the Sixers this series. Jrue Holiday could be able to cover Rip Hamilton, allowing Jodie Meeks or Louis Williams to cover Lucas and have them not be as exposed. It was Joakim Noah that hurt them the most on the boards, but he's not nearly as effective without Rose passing to him.

Jordan's got more at SBN Philly. We'll report what we hear but for now, this is a game-changer.

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