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NBA Playoffs: Sixers Vs. Bulls Game One Thread

Here we are. 66 games of whatthehelljusthappened gone and we're left with a best of 7 series against the Chicago Bulls. There is no one in the universe picking the Sixers to win this series. Whether it's temporary insanity or abject foolishness, I think the Sixers have a shot to surprise some people. Their defense is (was?) better than people remember pre-nosedive and they don't turn the ball over. If shots are falling, even the dreaded Long Two, anything can happen.

Here's your pregame reading material:

Defending Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls - Derek

Sixers Game One Links and Predictions - Tanner

Lavoy Starting Over Vuce, Hawes - Levin

The Rose Vs. Turner Rivalry Back - Levin

In which I actually think the Sixers have a shot in the series.

And this is how they'll win the championship.

Jordan's Sixers preview for the masses.


OK. I've told you all I need to tell you. The Sixers are going to win this game. The game thread is going to be bumping. I want you to be here. I want you to be excited. And I want you to be commenting your faces off because I love each and every one of you and there's no fake internet people I'd rather be watching the game with. Awkward tension for life. #PHIatCHI, also because really.


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