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Top Grooming Moments In Sixers History: Kyle Korver

Watch your hair, Kyle!
Watch your hair, Kyle!

Last week in Top Grooming Moments in Sixers History, I gave you Samuel Dalembert's epic mohawk/fade/WTF haircut in the 2008 NBA Playoffs. This week, I present to you the player all the ladies (and John Magee) of Sixers nation used to swoon over: Kyle Korver.

There were many other candidates for Top Grooming Moments in Sixers History, but I'm only 23 years old – which also happens to be the age demographic of our readers. Therefore I'm sticking with what I know – the mediocre Sixers, post-Iverson, whom we all love.

Korver already resembled Ashton Kutcher, but made sure to milk that comparison for all its worth by styling his hair exactly like Ashton did in his prime. I'm also pretty positive Kyle's hair has never moved – an incredible feat, especially considering he plays with Carlos Boozer, who's so desperate for hair he dipped his head in fast-drying tar before a nationally televised game. I wouldn't rule out Boozer stealing some of Korver's hair in his sleep, eventually.

The lesson to be learned here: if you want Philadelphia girls to love you, style your hair like Kyle Korver's and take pretend model pictures in your apartment, but only if no one's watching. All you need is the world's most potent hair gel and Nikon Coolpix camera with an extended 45 second self-timer. You need need to get in full Zoolander-mode to make a pouty face like this.

Until next time, groom responsibly!

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