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76ers Vs. Pistons Preview: Playoff Picture, Bobcats Record, NFL Draft

Evan Turner shoots over 11 foot Tobias Harris.
Evan Turner shoots over 11 foot Tobias Harris.

The Philadelphia 76ers will play the Detroit Pistons tonight, in their final regular season game of 2012. Currently, the Sixers reside in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference standings, staring at a first round Playoff match-up with Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

The only circumstances that would result in the Sixers playing the Heat in the first round – opposed to the Bulls –would be a Sixers win over the Pistons, paired with a Knicks' loss over the Charlotte Bobcats – who are challenging the 72-73 Sixers for the worst winning percentage in NBA History.

Tune in to the Sixers game if you want to see Evan Turner break Wilt's all-time shots record, Xavier Silas live out his dream, or Spencer Hawes' final regular season game in a Sixers uniform.

Tune in to the Bobcats game if you want to see the Knicks lose on purpose to match up with the Bulls in the first round, the Bobcats avoid all-time futility and Marv Albert say "YES!".

But no one will blame you if you tune in to the 2012 NFL Draft instead. And no one will blame you if you go to Bleeding Green Nation – our sister Philadelphia Eagles blog, to discuss the first round and everything Eagles.

For those of you who hate football and/or have no team allegiance, there will be a game thread up at 7:30 to discuss Sixers/Pistons, along with all the other terrific nonsense debated during game threads at Liberty Ballers.

Derek will have the recap at some point, and we'll know exactly who the Sixers will play in the first round before midnight, but game one is Saturday, regardless. Expect Playoff coverage out the wazoo. Until then, go Sixers and Happy NFL Draft Day!

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