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Evan Turner Wants the Bulls, Not the Heat. So?


We get on athletes all the time for speaking in cliches and Crash Davis-ing their way through interviews. Then we hound them when they actually do say something interesting. It's pretty dumb. But such is the case with last night's tweets from Evan Turner, he who scored a career high 29 points (on 481 shots) against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Screen_shot_2012-04-26_at_7 Screen_shot_2012-04-26_at_7

He's right. There really isn't any denying that he's right. The Sixers have played the Bulls tough the past two years (since ET got here) and they've gotten their bums roasted against the Miami Heat. I think Miami's the better team, most people think Miami's the better team, and it seems that Evan thinks they are also. OK. So what?

If you're playing in a tournament and win your first round game, you're going to watch the next game and hope the lesser team wins so you don't have to face the big guy who throws bows inside for four quarters. Do you think Florida wasn't rooting for Norfolk State to beat Missouri? Come on. Players are people. They want to win. Playing Chicago, undoubtedly, would give the Sixers a better chance to win.

This from the extremely rational Blog-a-Bull:

Meh. He's right. I don't get the point of saying it, but he's just being honest. And I do appreciate that, so consider me on Team Evan Turner...though that team will lose.

Sounds about right to me. But let's all jump off a bride, national media, because a guy said he'd rather face one team than another. Bulletin board material, sure. Because D-Rose needed a reason to want to win in the playoffs. Silence is always the better option but everybody's got a Twitter except Tony Battie so you have to expect them to use it to say things. It's the way things go these days.

Kyle Korver went on to say "bring it" or something, Joakim Noah didn't know who Evan Turner was, and Derrick Rose declined comment. Evan spent the rest of his night hanging with Aaron Rodgers and watching American Gangster until he fell asleep. Not my favorite Ridley Scott film but not worth getting into a national panic about. Playoffs.

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