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Sixers 2012 Season Coming to an End

I could make a whole flipbook of Doug Collins bench faces.
I could make a whole flipbook of Doug Collins bench faces.

The regular season ends tonight with a mostly meaningless game at the Palace in Detroit. The Sixers have an opportunity to finish 36-30 and on a five game winning streak heading into the the postseason. With the New York Knicks trying (?) to make sure the Charlotte Bobcats make history - the bad kind - the 7th seed is still up for grabs.

This season has been a tumultuous one. You know the tale. Starting 20-9, best defense and turnover rate in years, a long summer... But then winter came and the Jodie Meeks and Evan Turner starting cycle turned on, Spencer Hawes came back from injury playing like Amal McAskill, Toastioni, Doug Collins lost control of this team, and the Lannisters marched north to meet the Starks in battle. All told, we're looking at a stretch of 20-9 followed by 11-21 and a likely 5-0 finish. Man, the Lockout was a weird time.

So how do you feel about this season. Was it fun? Weird? Awkward? Catastrophic? Benign? Boombastic? Her? We've got one regular season game thread left before we switch to lockdown playoff mode so bring your kids, bring your figs, because for approximately 7 days, LB is going to bring you all the Sixers playoff coverage you never asked for.


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