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Doug Collins Fined $15,000 for Cussing out Referee

"What are you playing at, Potter?"
"What are you playing at, Potter?"

This was announced yesterday, but we had the playoffs to celebrate (woo) so we'll get to it now. After the down-to-the-wire Sixers overtime win against the significantly better Indiana Pacers, Doug Collins had to be restrained by assistant coach Michael Curry as he left the court. Collins said some two-dollar curse words at an official (apparently Zach Zarba) and the NBA responded by slapping him with a $15,000 fine.

Collins, per Tom Moore, agreed with the punishment, saying "the league did what they should've done and I apologized." The scene, framed in the beautiful picture above where Doug is caught goading a snake at Justin Finch-Fletchley, looked a little ugly but the coaching staff did a good job getting everybody away before it escalated. I think Aaron McKie had a hand grenade.

As to what Collins was all sandy about, it seems like it had to do with the jump ball call on Evan Turner that should have been a foul late in the game. We learned from the game thread that "this referees is terrible" and apparently Dougie agreed. Dude was cranky. But now that the Sixers have clinched the playoffs, maybe he can unclench for two games until the first round.

But it's Doug, so maybe not. At the very least, he should probably shave a few texts off his cell phone monthly bill.

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