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Lou Williams to Opt Out of Contract this Offseason - League Source

Bossin' elsewhere?
Bossin' elsewhere?

We've been speculating that Louis Williams would opt out of his contract for a while now, but news comes from everybody's favorite John Mitchell at the Philadelphia Inquirer making it a little more official.

Obviously this could change, but some actual reporting that Lou is planning on leaving the Sixers once the playoff "run" ends is music to my ears. Lou is a lot of things -- some good, some bad -- but there's really no doubting that being in Philadelphia is bad for both the Boss and the team. Parting ways makes a lot of sense if he wants to get a longer contract and a bigger role.

The strange part of this is why it's coming out now. Sure the team has been terrible beyond belief, but with four games left in the regular season and an inevitable first round of the playoffs before he can opt out, it's odd that news would break of his thoughts at this point. Doesn't bode well for the togetherness of the Sixers locker room going into the playoffs.

This news is good enough to make me happy going into playoff time. Knowing (or at least, hoping with more affirmation) that Lou won't be a Sixer next year will carry me through four mediocre playoff losses without too much whining. All I need is word that Spencer Hawes will not be resigned and I'll be the happiest of campers.

How will the Sixers replace Lou's offensive production and defensive liability? Hopefully, with a whole lot of young, high upside prospects with plenty of molding in their future.

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