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Sixers vs. Pacers: Cover Him, Maybe

Hawrmpit. Gross.
Hawrmpit. Gross.

The last time the Sixers and Indiana Pacers matched up on Tuesday, the Sixers decided not to cover anybody outside the three-point line. Word has it they forgot that Indiana was allowed to shoot from out there, which allowed the Pacers to go 13-24 from beyond, including 6-8 from Danny Phantom Granger. That's okay, because sources tell me Doug Collins has recruited Canadian singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen to teach the team a thing or two.

Hey, he D'ed up you, and this is crazy, but that's his jersey, so cover him, maybe?

It's hard to play tight, Jrue's a baby, but that's his number, so cover him, maybe?

Due to how well the Pacers have played lately (7 straight), the likelihood of the Sixers winning this game is closer to a neighborhood than a likelihood. Maybe even a Robin Hood. I don't know what this means - there's four games left in the season and this is my last in-season game thread. So give me a break. And call me, maybe.

In light of Jordan's tear-jerking thank you session yesterday, I've decided to be extremely nice to the Sixers. So when Louis Williams jacks up a contested fadeaway long two with 19 seconds left in the shot clock, it'll be "go get 'em next time." When Spencer Hawes gets outmuscled by... anyone down low, I'll be looking forward to his next possession upcourt when he takes a soft twirling hook. And so on, until my brain explodes.

Can't wait for George Hill to rattle off 30!

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